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Here at Leash Basics we offer personalized training and management solutions to meet your needs. We use positive reinforcement methods. Positive Reinforcement is a friendly, non punitive method of teaching your dog using treats, praise or toys. Positive Reinforcement is backed by scientific research as being more effective and longer lasting than the "Traditional Method" of training. We offer programs to fit any and all matter age, size or breed.

Having a Bath

Walk & Train

Walk & Train is ideal for families that don't have enough time in their day to train. Have a professional trainer help your dog or puppy learn basic or advanced skills in an environment where they live. In addition they also get the added benefit of some exercise and playtime. Single and multiple sessions include 1 free consultation. Typical sessions last approximately 45 mins. A transfer session is also included in price.

Rates for Walk & Train sessions are:

$ 60 for single walk & Train session

$165 for 3 sessions

$300 for 6 sessions

$540 for 12 sessions

Private in Home sessions are designed with you in mind. We take the time to design a specific program to fit your needs and training goals. This one on one time gives you the attention you need to teach your dog the appropriate skills necessary to become a successful part of your family. Single and multiple sessions include 1 free consultation. Sessions last approximately 1 hour.

Rates for Private In Home sessions are:

$ 55 for single session

$150 for 3 sessions

$225 for 5 sessions

$400 for 10 sessions

Group Sessions

We offer group classes for puppies and adult dogs. Classes range from basic and advanced obedience. Classes are available at 

Good Choice dog training in Albany NY and AgileDogs in Greenfield Center, NY. Contact Bruce for more details on availability, types of classes and pricing.

Private In Home Sessions