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Here at Leash Basics we offer personalized training and management solutions to meet your needs. We use positive reinforcement methods. Positive Reinforcement is a friendly, non punitive method of teaching your dog using treats, praise or toys. Positive Reinforcement is backed by scientific research as being more effective and longer lasting than the "Traditional Method" of training. We offer programs to fit any and all matter age, size or breed.

Having a Bath

Service Dog Training

Service dog program is a 6 month program(once a week). Lessons are conducted at clients home during summer months. Winter sessions are conducted indoors in Albany or Rotterdam depending on availability and clients location.

Clients must have there own dog and should be at least a year old. Dogs must pass an evaluation in order to determine if dog is suited for service dog work. Evaluations are conducted outside the home at different locations. Evaluation fees is 150.00 dollars. Fee is not refundable should it be determined by trainer not to be suitable for service dog work.

Cost:  Depends on client's needs and age of the dog. Email for further details

Private lessons are conducted at clients home. Sessions typically last no more than an hour depending on the dog. Owner must provide 

their own treats. We do not train with e-collars or prong collars. We train any breed or age. In addition to obedience training, leash Basics can also address behavioral issues such as dog or person reactivity, jumping, excessive barking, house training, etc. An evaluation of dog must be completed before any training can be started. Evaluation fee is $50.00 dollars. 

Cost:   $50.00 dollar one time evaluation fee for any behavioral issues is required before any training can be started. 

           No evaluation fee required for standard obedience training.

          $ 80.00 dollars per hour for training fee.

Private In Home Sessions

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